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Biobased Economy

The focus of the TU Delft and BE-Basic Brazil Office in Campinas lies on renewable materials and biofuels (biorenewables) in the broadest sense, including related clean technologies and sustainability. TU Delft and the international public-private partnership BE-Basic have a strong international position in this field and can build on years of joint research with leading universities in Brazil in the areas of industrial biotechnology and biochemical engineering.

Brazil is the world’s largest sugarcane producer and second largest ethanol manufacturer. With more than 30 years, Brazil has by far the longest experience in developing an infrastructure and capacity to produce biorenewables based on sugar cane. With increasing demands to replace oil based chemicals and materials for more sustainable biorenewables it is important to extend the joint strengths to further develop applications and business propositions.

The considerable funding programs of BE-Basic and strong federal and regional investments in fundamental and applied research in the biobased economy in Brazil strongly facilitate this development.


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