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Dual Degree PhD

TU Delft and academic partner University of Campinas (UNICAMP) have initiated a dual degree PhD program. A dual degree PhD student enrols in both universities with two supervisors, to produce one thesis and receive a degree from both universities after a successful defence. A limited number of unique TU Delft scholarships are available for such projects, in addition to regular funding options from several Brazilian and Dutch public and private sources.

To date, the following TU Delft & UNICAMP Dual Degree PhD projects are on-going (including expected date for final thesis):   

PhD candidate

Project title


Wesley Marques


Development of a yeast-based platform for anaerobic production of organic acids

Ton van Maris,

Andreas Gombert

Tiago Almeida


Nanostructured thin films of graphene oxide nanosheets for the development of enzymatic fuel cells

Isabel Arends,

Antonio Riul

Renato Coelho


Biomass and lipids production from heterotrophic microalgae

Luuk van der Wielen,

Telma Franco


More projects and Dual Degree programs with other academic partners are currently under development, primarily focused on biobased economy.

For (Unicamp or TU Delft) students who are interested, an important first step is to have a supervisor at both universities with matching interests and suited facilities. For more information on dual degrees, the process to initiate such a project and for support to find a supervisor at the partner university, please contact the TU Delft Brazil office.



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