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Solid State Lighting

Solid State Lighting or LED lighting is a highly relevant area, not only on energy saving, but also on health, horticulture and industry; the liberation of light! The Solid State Lighting Research Centre is located in Beijing, China. The Centre will initially engage in research on Solid State Lighting, a highly energy-efficient technology that will be playing an ever-greater role in the coming decades.


The main reasons to start-up with a research centre on Solid State Lighting were the extremely high ambitions in China, for example the Open Innovation Centre, the excellent relations with the State Key Lab of the Chinese Academy of Science, Philips Eindhoven, Philips Research Asia and many other small and medium enterprises. In combination with the results of the excellent multidisciplinary and complementary knowledge and infrastructure at the TU Delft faculties and multidisciplinary research schools like Dimes, it was effective to start with this Research Centre.


The mission of the TU Delft Beijing Research Centre (BRC) is to be an international centre of excellence, dedicated to promoting research and education in Solid State Lighting technologies and applications, as well as in Photovoltaics and Micro/Nanoelectronics.

First choice

We envision BRC to be the ideal playground for young talents to develop, and the first choice of relevant international R&D institutions and leading companies looking for talents and R&D cooperation.  

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