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Within the research areas of Solid State Lighting and Photovoltaics there are several key competence areas and themes: 

Heterogeneous Integration

Multi-level, multi-function, smart and cost effective heterogeneous integration of advanced electronic and photonic compact systems. Research subjects are:
-          Wafer level integration;
-          System in Packaging (SiP);
-          Novel materials and processes;
-          Novel interconnection and assembly.

Complex system

To develop complex systems which is composed of interconnected parts that as a whole can perform the specified functions, interoperability, updatability, maintenance and robustness. Research subjects are: 
-          System architecture;
-          Interfaces (mechanical, thermal, electrical and optics);
-          System diagnostics;
-          Sensing, control and communication;
-          Multi-functional system simulation and optimization.

Design For Reliability

Research with a reliabilty design begins with the development of a (system) model. Research subjects are:
-          Design for component and product reliability;
-          Multi-scale and multi-physics characterization & modelling;
-          Prediction of material and interface behaviour;
-          Physics of failure based reliability prediction;
-          Design for complex system reliability;
-          Fast reliability qualification and testing methods, advanced failure analysis;
-          Methods for warrantee and services.

Innovative Thermal Solution

Develop novel and cost effective thermal solutions for SSL components and systems. Research subjects are:
-          Thermal simulations;
-          Thermal novel thermal interface materials;
-          Heat management and cooling;
-          Architecture and Design. 

Novel Concepts

Develop and apply novel materials and technologies to enable breakthroughs of SSL applications. Research subjects are: 
-          Green value creation;
-          New materials;
-          Centralized lumen distribution; 
-          Novel and dynamic optics.  

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